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Titer Testing

Titer testing is a means of determining whether your pet has enough antibodies to defend against viruses that they’ve already received vaccinations for in the past.

More things to Consider

  • Titer results will vary depending on the laboratory and testing methodology used.

  • Even among the experts, there is no clear consensus on exactly what titer is considered protective for each specific disease.

  • Titers measure the patient’s immune status at a single point in time and may not necessarily reflect the patient’s future immune status one month or one year later.

  • A positive titer will protect against development of clinical signs of that disease in the patient, however it may not prevent the patient from becoming infected or even transmitting the agent.

  • Titers only measure circulating humoral antibodies and not cell mediated immunity, local immunity, cell memory or the anamnestic response to a viral challenge. Therefore patients with low titers may in fact be protected.

Can you test for Rabies?

There is not an easy or reliable way to accurately test animals for rabies (while they are still alive).

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